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Wedding stage decor ideas for your wedding!

Every time you attend any wedding, engagement, mehendi or sangeet ceremony, what part of the venue do you look at, as soon as you enter? The stage, of course! That’s because it’s where you’d find the couple.

All eyes get drawn to the stage anytime during the event, and that’s where most of the pictures are clicked too. Therefore, it goes without saying that, for you and every couple out there, wedding stage decor is the topmost priority. And hey, for us too!

We want our stage designs to be conceptualized and executed perfectly. After all, it’s your big day and we don’t want to leave any stone unturned to make it as special as possible. Every wedding stage is our own ‘atelier’, our studio that sees our creativity, perfection, grace, attention to detail, handcrafted elegance and above all passion for our work.

Living up to our motto “Dream it – live it – love it”, Theme Weavers Designs bring you all the expertise, enthusiasm, and aesthetic excellence you need to turn your ideas and inspirations into reality.

At Theme Weavers, we have designed and created multiple interesting and unusual themes for stage decors—both center and artist stages—some of which are sensational even for our own standards. And that’s why we thought, why not give you – our readers, a peek at some of the stage designs that we are proud of.

Here’s presenting some of our best efforts in wedding stage decor that inspired and awed not only the couples, but also all their guests.

Ethnicity with a Modern Tadka

wedding stage decoration

For a haldi event, we took the traditional stage décor idea and gave it a unique twist that would capture everyone’s attention. The stage portrayed the image of a hand-painted, larger than life parrot on the backdrop. It was pricked with Geinda (Marigold) flowers and embellished with

At another event, this time a wedding, our client insisted on using the conventional décor. So, we took inspiration from our country’s national bird, the peacock, which is also the source of inspiration for a lot of traditional Indian designs. We brought the Moods of a morpankhi (peacock feather) to the stage, by imbuing the peacock feather design into the entire backdrop. The ceiling and the fascia were decked with fresh flowers to breathe life into the design.

stage decoration ideas for wedding

Translating “I do” dreams into Actuality!

We face lot of unique and exciting requests from our clients. One such request, which we get a lot, is to create a dreamlike center stage for the dream wedding that most couples want. And this is how two of these requests shaped up…

We decided that the theme of the stage design would be the ‘Gates of Heaven’. Centered on this concept, we designed and created an ‘Enchanted Forest’ inspired stage décor for the wedding. The gates of heaven behind the couple’s couch ramped up the fairy tale quotient of the theme, while flowers and chandeliers further enhanced the setting.

luxury wedding stages decor ideas

Another couple approached us with a rather interesting request. The couple believed that although marriages are made in heaven, the man and the woman that tie the knot rose from the earth, get united in love and went back to the earth. They wanted this belief to be the essence of their wedding décor. Sounds like a challenge? You bet!

Thankfully, we came up with an idea that surprised not only our clients, but us too! What did we do? We brought their belief to life, literally. We created sand sculptures of a man and woman on either side of the artists’ stage. Yeah, no kidding! The event took place on the sand dunes of ITC Khimsar and we couldn’t have asked for a more perfect location.

And the end result looked like this. Beautiful? Everyone who saw it, thought so too!

glamorous wedding Stages decoration

Grand Palaces and Castles for the Royal Touch!

When we got the chance to get carried away with our creative freedom, we did what we do best; we went innovative, all the way.

For example, in our pursuit to give our clients the feel of a royal wedding ceremony, we built a larger than life, 120-foot wedding stage, which looked like it was straight out of a dreamland. With an indo-contemporary fusion design, touch of flowers, and play of lights, the entire ambiance looked opulent.

indian wedding stage decoration

Here’s another one where we created a backdrop of a grand royal structure that looked nothing short of a great king’s abode. And the entire theme was based on the game of chess, the royal game of course. The stage housed all of the chess pieces, the King and Queen placed at the center while the Bishops, pawns, horses and the rooks adorning the length of the vast stage. This décor was designed to spell royalty in a rather unique manner, and the concept was a huge success!

Unique wedding stage decoration

On another occasion, we were asked to build a castle, but we wanted to do something different again, so we turned to Persian architecture. What we ended up creating was a sight that resembled the magical Aladdin castle!

stage decoration for marriage

As you can see, no two stages even remotely resemble each other. That’s because, at Theme Weavers, breaking from the ordinary is not only a practise, but a habit. We thrive on innovation and creativity and the results show in our designs.

So, what do you think about these wedding themes? Do let us know in comments below, we’ll be waiting to hear from you!

About Us: Theme Weavers Designs (TWD) is one of the top wedding planner, wedding designer, destination wedding planner and corporate event planner based in Gurgaon and Delhi/NCR. We started in 2008 and have rich experience as a destination wedding planner in India with deep expertise as a wedding planner in Jodhpur, destination wedding planner in Jaipur, Udaipur, Jaisalmer as well as corporate event planner (leadership offsites, corporate anniversaries and company and product launches).
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