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TWD Insights: How the Use of Technology is Changing Your Wedding Experience!

A lot of your guest might ask you for suggestions on how to better their wedding experience. One of the things where you could offer them your suggestion is involving the use of technology to manage their wedding preparations.

Now with every one having access to smart phones and high-speed internet, it makes complete sense to leverage technology to make the entire experience of wedding planning and execution a smooth and enriched one.

So, how can we use some technology hacks for wedding preparations?

1. Broadcasting Your Event Using Live Webcasting And Streaming
For relatives and friends that couldn’t make it to the wedding, yet want don’t want to miss out on the ceremony, live-streaming on YouTube, periscope broadcasts or Facebook Live is the way to go. The guests can be informed about live-streaming beforehand so they can all tune-in wherever they are, to witness the event firsthand. This is a great way to showcase the hotel property to the guest who could not attend the wedding.

2. Creative Phone Charging Stations
It goes without saying that guests at the wedding are going to spend a lot of time taking pictures or recording videos. And their phone batteries will die out after a point. Let them have unlimited fun (and charge in their phones!) by installing smart phone charging stations at the venue.

3. Light Projection Mapping on the Wedding Cake
Projections on wedding cakes are a great way to have just about anything displayed on the cake. Right from song lyrics, pictures of the couple, flowers, cars, bikes or even a little story about the couple shown through moving pictures. And some music to go alongside!

4. Robot Bartenders to Serve Your Favorite Drink
Imagine having a robot mixing and handing over the drinks to the guests! A robot bartender is a coming-of-age trend that wedding experience designers are exploring around the world. The drinks and their quantity could be selected from an app that could be installed in any digital device.

5. Hologram Selfie Photo Booth
Yes, all weddings have Photo booths. But, why not take it up a notch by introducing Hologram Selfie booths. Guests will have a gala time clicking away pictures while trying out the different personalization options.
Well, that’s a wrap. Do try giving the above suggestions to your guests and let us know their response.
Till next time…

Prerana Saxena
Theme Weavers Designs


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