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Email : prerana@themeweavers.in

“Weaving a concept
into an event is what we do!”

Prerana is the key person behind Theme Weavers, who followed her bliss to start the firm in 2008. Eventually, this experience translated into conceptualizing countless events and TW becoming one of India’s best event designing companies.

She interestingly started her career with the banking sector where she held fort for 4 year with esteemed organization such as ANZ Grinleys, Financial Technologies and Bank of Punjab till she had to give in to the voice of her inner creative calling to set up Theme Weavers. An M.B.A from K.J. Somaiya Insitute of Management Studio & Research, (SIMSR) makes sure that the company retains its ‘ingenious’ image and executes all events seamlessly.

Family time, festive cooking, and soulful music interests Prerana. Her burning desire is to take Theme Weavers global and contribute to the community with her work.

Her key to success :
Determined mind is a successful mind.


Email : anushree@themeweavers.in

“Each special occasion can be woven,
from a dream into a theme!”

Annushree is a co-weaver at Theme Weavers, who had an early onset to her career. She has worked with diverse corporations that helped her achieve the 360-degree approach in event design; an expertise, which she lends to her company today.She completed her schooling from Mayo College Girls School, Ajmer and successfully moved on to achieve her Bachelors in Media and Communication.

TW, she believes has given her the power to create and innovate. From publication houses, public relation, hospitality, to event companies, her work has taken her places. With her prolific and dedicated inputs, she’s making sure that she services her company to achieve international acclaim.

She takes keen interest in making new business plans, reading business related blogs, sharing and gathering new ideas, planning events. Her burning desire is to travel across the globe for work, write her experiences and set-up a specialty restaurant.

Her key to success :
Give anything and everything a try at least once.


The devil lies in the details- this weaver is sure to amaze you with her impeccable logic and her analytical bent of mind. Punctual and meticulous, she believes in achieving perfection in all she does.


Our Head Operations Weaver. We just know everything is going to be alright as soon as she shows up to work. An effervescent spirit, she keeps the whole team going towards achieving greatness and quite effortlessly too. She has a wicked sense of humour hidden behind that kind, infectious smile.


The Operations Weavers whose eagerness to learn leaves no stone unturned. Her smiling face and vibrant charisma keeps the work place entertained even through most stressful times.


Our Design Weaver, a light hearted-soul, who never gives up till he achieves perfection on his designs; a silent player who is sure to get you cracking with his witty humor. To top it all off, he never misses an opportunity to balance out work and fun and keep the environment warm and friendly.


The Visual Weaver who blends creativity, innovation, technology and emotion to create splendid designs. Her dedication to work, ability to keep herself organized and her keen interest in research helps her create innovative designs.


The pretty lady whose individuality reflects in her designs. Her strength lies in the magical strokes from which she can sketch anyone’s dream to reality. Her ability to gauge a client’s likings and then design accordingly is immaculate and sets her apart from the usual artists.


Designing at the speed of light using his skills and an innovative work-around for everything, you can always count on Abhishek to meet deadlines well on time. Spunky and street-smart , he can handle any situation efficiently.