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Once Upon A Time – A dreamlike fairytale wedding, but not what you think!

Ever wondered if having a dream-like fairytale wedding? We bet you have. But, more often than not, it’s just a thought. A fantasy, that we all know, can never come true in the real world. How could anyone possibly have a dream wedding where everything looks like a dream in heaven? Well…

If you know us, you might have learned that there’s no word as “impossible” in the TWD dictionary. In fact, impossible is where our imagination begins. So, when our client approached us with an unusual request of having a dream wedding but not like the ones we’ve seen before, we jumped at the opportunity. We loved the challenge of working with a theme that was so familiar and classic and turning into something truly unique. Something that’s a cliché and yet refreshing and novel.

What was the idea?

After loads of brainstorming, we decided to plan for our client a Fairytale Dream Wedding, and we decided to call it Once Upon a Time. But, here’s the catch. This wedding was going to be their own fairytale, inspired by all the different fairytales we’ve read as kids! Yes, we didn’t want to present our clients with just any Fairytale-themed wedding, we wanted to create for them their own fairytale for the wedding. And this is the story about how we did it…

The Grand Entry to the Castle…erm, Wedding!

As it was going to be a fairytale wedding, it goes without saying that the entrance should have been grand and ethereal. But, at the same time, it had to have a personal touch. So, along with the red carpet, we laid down a beautiful scroll. The scroll had the groom’s vows for his bride, imprinted on it. The area around the scroll was lined with tall pointed towers reminiscent of the medieval European castles we’ve seen in fairytales. The towers were covered with printed letters resembling pages from a book.

Where the scroll ended, we installed a life-size book with the title “Our Fairy Tale”. The book was open and on the page was another heart-warming message from the groom. The beautiful lights and floral arrangements took this setup to a whole new level, leaving everyone with the thrill to see what’s inside!

Welcome to the fairyland!

Our aim was—as soon as anyone entered the venue, they should find themselves standing in a fairyland transporting them back to a dream, reminding them of the scenes from those books they had read in their childhood. So, we thoughtfully placed installations that would play a vital role in doing just that.

Whether it is this pumpkin carriage from Cinderella…

Or this beautiful Tea Pot pouring flowery tea into a cup, depicting a scene from Alice in Wonderland.

We also had various other installations such as horses, swans, or this astonishing crescent moon flanked by candles and flowers, all things that spelled royalty and beauty. We also brought in huge different kinds of chandeliers to literally light up the venue. Soft pink and amber were the dominant colours that we used to make it all blend well with the theme.

We also created a Wall of Fame, just as you’d see in giant palaces, which proudly display the pictures of their old rulers giving us a peek at their history. Only here, the wall adorned beautiful pictures of the couple and their families, walking the guests through their journey of love!

The concept worked just as we had planned. We could tell from the faces of our clients and their guests, especially the children…

Every table had a story…to tell

If you are a guest at a royal wedding you would not expect a common treatment, right? And rightly so! And being who we are, we love to give attention to small things, because magic is in the details, after all. So, on every table, along with a beautiful centerpiece, we placed little placards between tiny adorable wooden logs, with quotes from different fairytales along with an apt picture. Every table had a story, quite literally, at this wedding.

The Seating Area

The chairs, sofas and the dining tables were golden in colour to match the royalty quotient of the rest of the place. To make the décor more attractive, we mixed some fuschia pink flowers which contrasted well with amber and soft pink colours of the theme.

Stage – The Gates of Heaven!

One of the most talked about things that evening was the stage décor. What else would you say, when the stage looked like heaven on earth! Yes, we wanted to change the stage into a Gateway to Heaven, after all, this was a dream-like heavenly wedding, right?

The backdrop was an enthralling combination of lights and flowers, so beautifully done that you couldn’t tell what was what. We used roses, lilies, lavenders, orchids and other exotic types of flowers, which were smartly arranged done to make them look like they were a stream of flowers, cascading down. Amidst this gush of florets were the exquisite chandeliers in champagne colour adding glow to the already radiant faces of the bride and the groom.

On the sofa, we placed cushions, which stayed loyal to the theme, with designs of carriages and crowns. Right in front of the stage, there was a large carpet like the Aladdin’s.  Just so, the couple, sans a genie, could fly off to their next destination on it!

The  End…

Like all stories, this one ended too. But only to make way for a new one. For the bride and the groom. And us!

We ended yet another beautiful and exciting journey, of wedding planning and designing which was definitely not easy. But, a boy was it fun! Every one of us was happy and proud of the outcome. But, the fact that our clients were happy too, was the biggest achievement for us. And made it all worth it!

Stay tuned for our next wedding story…

The Wedding Makers
Venue: The Westin Shona Resort & Spa
Wedding Planner: Theme Weavers Designs

Fairytale Wedding - Once Upon a Time
The Westin Shona Resort & Spa,

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