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The Latest Themes for Indian Weddings Are!

Color Specific: India is a country of colors, taking a theme based on the tints and shades of your favorites color seems like the best way to go about it. An addition of a contrasting shade to the theme helps in breaking the monotony,and adding a life to the entire decor.


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Themes of the Season: Summer is a great time for fun colors and bright props. It’s either a great way to brighten your wedding as the sun shines brighter every passing day, or to take it slightly up a notch by creating a theme that is entirely opposite to the current season. Creating a winter theme in this scorching heat can give your guests a unique and memorable experience.


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Kitsch: Indian Kitsch seems like a theme to stay for a long period. It has been used on small items like a pen to apparels and is fun and colorful just like its name. A fusion of Indian and western makes it even better. It basically caters to the two kinds of guests that you have, the elderly family members, and your cool buddies.


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English Weddings: India has always been influenced by the western countries and weddings aren’t any different. English weddings with the use of a lot of whites and beige are a classy affair.


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A Personal Favorite for the Generation Y: The generation Y has been influenced a lot by cinema and literature, and so are their dream weddings. We have seen weddings with castles and huge Disney inspired sets in the past for the Gen X. Now is the time for ALICE IN WONDERLAND and THE ENCHANTED FORESTS.


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Courtesy: Alice in Wonderlandmeets Art Nouveau and Haute Couture at the #RoRoWeddingSangeetinFlorence, orchestrated by Vandana Mohan of The Wedding Design Company (WDC).

And to end it all, there are the Classics that are always here to stay. Indian weddings with its love for red and gold Rajwada themes is one of the most clichéd themes in all times. But adding just a little twist to it by adding a few contemporary props and motifs on the décor gives it a rich classy feel.


Courtesy: http://themeweavers.in/

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