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Exotic Wedding Centerpieces Ideas to Leave Your Guests in Awe!

One of the most important factors in wedding planning is arguably the wedding décor—lights, flowers, centerstage, centerpieces—all of them. They have to be just perfect, right?

And as they rightly say, God is in the detail…though centerpieces may look like a small part of the décor, the impact they have on your guests is huge, well, because they’re right in front of them. Our creative team at Theme Weavers Designs knows this quite well.

That’s why we pay keen attention to the detailing of our centerpieces. And our years of research and experience have taught us how to design wedding centerpieces that’d make everyone go WOW. Want to see some of our best efforts that left the guests mesmerized? Read on…

Once Upon a Time – in a Fairyland

Every girl dreams of a fairy-tale wedding, and we try our best to make that dream come true. For this first centerpiece, we picked Cinderella’s famous pumpkin chariot, laced it with flowers and surrounded it with candles. We finished the centerpiece décor with an earthy bamboo holder with quotes from different fairy tales — Snow White, Mermaid, etc. for different tables.

wedding centerpieces ideas

fairytales wedding centerpieces  ideas

For another one with a similar theme, we set a white horse carriage bearing a bed of flowers on the tables. Classic never goes out of style, does it?

Oceans, Ships and Sails!

One of the most popular and contemporary themes we’ve created at Theme Weavers is the Aquatic or the Ocean theme. For one of our events in Goa, instead of having the typical aquatic centerpieces, we derived our inspirations from the history of Goa. The royal ships and sails of the Portugal fleet, the hues of whites and blues and a touch of bling and exotic flowers, were the underlining elements of these centerpieces, which gave them an absolutely stunning look.

ships and sails wedding ceterpieces

wedding centerpieces ideas

Portugal fleet wedding centerpieces ideas

Simple is Beautiful!

These centerpieces are pretty close to our hearts. And why is that? Because, they reinforce our belief in “beauty lies in simplicity”. However, we must add that these deceptively simple-looking centerpieces have been designed and created with thoughtful planning, supported by brilliant execution. We took commonly found things and transformed them into art pieces that looked nothing short of exotic.

simple and beautiful centerpieces

simple-looking wedding centerpieces

artistic wedding ceterpieces

For example, the artistic arrangement of pomander balls and geinda flowers on beautiful glass holders perfect for a traditional Haldi ceremony, the monochromatic piece created out of simple barley straws arranged in spirally in a jar, or a simple teapot filled with white and yellow flowers spilling out of it. Sometimes less is definitely more. What do you think?

And now, some Mehendi Fun…

Sometimes our inspiration comes from fun patterns and bright colors, like it did for this chevron themed Mehendi ceremony. We hand painted a bottle with pretty 3D mehendi patterns, and placed it next to a small container filed with flowers for a refreshing finishing touch.

creative wedding ceterpieces

For another centerpiece, we used a simple tinted glass vase and placed a few tulips in them. However, the center of attraction of the whole set up was the white candle adorning a beautiful mehendi design. The concept was perfect for the ceremony!

When in Goa…

Think of Goa and your mind conjures up images of sand, bright flowers, tropical food, and bright sunlight. Doesn’t it? This first centerpiece was for a Goa-themed welcome lunch, where we used fresh, locally produced pineapples and teamed them with colorful flowers to give it a tropical look, apt for the venue. We placed them on wooden tables for a natural earthy appeal. After all, this is Goa we’re talking about, the place of sand and beaches!

Innovative wedding centerpieces

If it was flowers and fruits before, the next one is going to be bold and adventurous. Goa reminds us of beaches and beaches remind us of water sports—the most popular among all is surfing. We found a way to reflect the adventurous and free-spirited culture of Goa in this centerpiece as we ditched flowers and instead decorated the piece with shells, sand and who could have guessed, surfboards!

Globetrotting for inspiration

When designing a wedding reception based on the Great Gatsby theme, we wanted the centerpieces to be glamorous and classy, perfect for this 70s theme. We decided to go for white as the main hue in the design and decorated the piece with candles, pearls and flowers. The piece was flanked by two small vases giving which was the finishing stroke of this artistic piece!

wedding table decor

An ice sculpture at an Indian wedding seems to be a far-fetched idea, right? Not quite, if you ask us. For a wedding reception based on the winter theme, we used a centerpiece inspired from the French. This glass sculpture sat on an exotic floral base made of acrylic and was accentuated with LED pillar tapered candles that was battery operated. It looked just like an ice sculpture, exactly how we wanted.

Those were some of our awesome works in centerpieces, where each design was a blend of creativity, art and innovation. We hope you liked what you saw. Did you? Or you didn’t? We’d love to hear what you have to say about them. Do write in!

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