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Concept Wedding

A concept wedding in the early days was an event where people organised weddings in a simple and sophisticated manner where they use invited  relatives and close ones, carried out the matrimonial rituals and then throw a ‘Daavat’ or a feast for everyone. Since then they’ve come a long way. Now, people are spending large to get the wedding of their dreams made into reality.

A wedding represents not only the joining of the bride and groom but also their families who spare no expense, since it is basically the most important day of their lives as well. Many people like to add Bollywood and even Hollywood elements to their wedding. This does not always ensure that the wedding would be unique and memorable. People have the money and are willing to spend it but don’t know how to spend it in to get the most value out of their money. But now everyone can actually enhance the feel of their special day by going to wedding planners like Theme Weavers who treat you as their own and offer a wide range of choices in destination wedding in Jodhpur.

A bride dreams of a fairy tale wedding while a groom dreams of a royal lavish one. Everyone has a dream wedding of their own and thanks to companies like Theme Weavers, every dream is now a possibility. Be it destination wedding or a theme based Cinderella wedding or even a classic traditional Indian wedding, with the skills and experience of Theme Weavers you can be sure of making the celebration a memorable one.