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A Wedding Event Planner

A wedding event planner is someone hired to organize and plan your wedding, reception dinner and maybe the honeymoon. They often own a wedding planning business and are hired to either plan the entire wedding or just portions. They might be able to give you professional advice and discounts on weddings, receptions and honeymoons.


A wedding planner is something like a general contractor. They ask you questions about your wedding vision, ask for a budget and time-frame of your wedding. Just like a building contractor, draw up a contract and do be specific. Make sure the price, items, events and functions are very precise.  After you have completed your wedding budget and timeline, let your wedding contractor give you ideas about florists, photographers, the limos and the caterer. Give them feedback or just let them run the show.

You planner is there to ensure that everything runs like clockwork for your biggest day. You pay for their services, and they are not inexpensive, so enjoy your day.

Laundry List

Want a simple laundry list of what your planner does? Here goes:

Find and rent reception and ceremony venues, negotiate vendor contracts and manage guest lists and RSVP’s. Secure accommodations for out of town wedding guests and help plan wedding parties. Do seating charts for the reception, dinner and the actual ceremony. Direct the wedding rehearsal and purchase bridal party gifts. Go with the couple to Jodhpur wedding appointments like catering, photographers and the wedding cake. Furthermore, a planner actually helps design the wedding theme and coordinates newspaper announcements. They help with invitations and sending out thank you notes. This list is not all inclusive. There may be things that the couples absolutely cannot do and they will ask a planner for advice. Couples can be either very involved in planning their weddings or may turn the entire day over to a wedding event planner.