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6 Things to Know About Designing Your Own Wedding Logo

Your wedding is around the corner, and you want to plan it at a grand scale to make it look lavish and royal. Right? While you pay attention to minute details to make the occasion memorable for years to come, do not forget to design your wedding logo elegantly. The logo is, in fact, the most important symbol that will be present prominently on your wedding invitation card and everywhere during the ceremony. Thus, the logo will customize not only your wedding invitation cards but also all the decorations including banners. And, most importantly, it will represent your journey with your spouse together.

Since it is your wedding, you know better than others how your wedding logo should look like. If you design it on your own, you give a memorable personal touch to express your emotions of the moment. You can then pick colors, fonts, images, illustrations, etc. of your choice that represent your feelings and the joyous mood of the occasion. To design the logo on your own, first, you should access a logo maker tool. Many such tools are available free on the web. These are equipped with a wide range of colors and font choices, besides images and illustrations. You can even use your own customized images and other elements when designing a logo using a logo maker tool. Anyone can operate these design tools without outside help. You can also use Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop to create the logo as per your requirements.

So, here are some key points to consider when you set out to design your wedding logo.

1. Consider the theme

Keep your wedding theme in mind when designing your wedding logo. Modern wedding decorations are mostly based on themes such as romantic, vintage, formal/traditional, royal, art-deco, natural/eco-friendly, Christmas/holiday, tropical, and celestial. In fact, there is no end to the number of themes. But whichever theme you choose, make sure it reflects in your logo design.

You will then pick colors, typeface, lines, images, illustrations accordingly to express the theme. This means that a logo for a royal wedding theme will look different than the logo for a celestial or eco-friendly theme. If the theme has most elements from royalty, then you would probably like to use purple as the primary color, along with some embellishments from the past.

2. Chose colors wisely

Colors evoke our emotions. For example, red is the color of passion, love, energy, and aggressiveness. Yellow is commonly used by designers to express hope and positivity. So, to express the royal and lavish theme of your wedding, pick red, purple, and their hues. The predominant use of yellow and golden hue should be used if it is the demand of some theme.

But do not stick to loud and bright colors. You can also experiment with soft colors that look easy on eyes and give a sophisticated and classy look to the design. How about keeping only a smaller space of the logo in red and rest plain white? That arrangement of color will immediately draw the attention to the colored portion. This is also a way to drive the attention to a desired element in the logo.

3. Pick right typography

Just as colors are known for evoking right emotions, professional designers use typefaces to give a personality to the design like a logo. Fortunately, plenty of high-quality typefaces, which were once expensive, are available free of cost on the web. You can, therefore, experiment with many high-end fonts. Find out a wide range of typefaces ranging from handwritten styles to formal, to give a charming look to your logo.

Most wedding logos use script or serif fonts to convey the inviting and festive mood and celebrating the occasion. Also, find out how the logo will look in uppercase and lowercase letters. You should also experiment with spacing to see what changes it brings to the appearance of the logo. Also, avoid the monotonous use of fonts. Instead, use a combination of fonts, letter styles, and font sizes for a mesmerizing look of the logo.

4. Use a symbol

Use of heart symbol is common and universal to convey the zest of the wedding celebrations effectively. Wedding rings with a diamond is another symbol mostly used in wedding logos. How about using some wedding flowers? It will also give a great touch of elegance to the design. But culture is often the primary influence on the choice of wedding symbols. You can also choose a religious symbol as the central design element of your logo. 

5. Design it on a grid

Use some grid system to create your wedding logo on it. A grid helps a designer balance various design elements so that the logo, or any other design, displays various elements in the right proportion. Sometimes when a logo is scaled up, it looks disproportionate or when it is reduced to a small size, its fine details are lost. This happens because the design is lacking in the sense of proportion.

Therefore, first lay down a strong grid that you can get from the Internet free. Then, make sure that the lines, shape, typography, image or illustration is well proportioned and in order within the grid system. 

6. Use some embellishments

A wedding is all about celebration, colors, joy, get togetherness, and a touch of tradition and class. One of the sure-fire ways for giving a hint of these emotions in wedding logos is to incorporate some classic elements. A simple letter when embellished gives a classy and attractive look to a logo. So, initial letters of the couple’s names can be overblown to give an elegant touch to the design.

The bottom line

There are in fact many ways to decorate and give a graceful appearance to the logo. A dotted circle, a crown element, or classic lettering can make your logo stand out as well.   These are the primary considerations when you wish to proceed on your own to design your wedding logo. But the process requires patience as it may take many days before you are finally satisfied with the work. Make sure that you love the logo in the end. After all, you are creating a design that will remain with you for life as it will represent the entire occasion. 

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