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Weaving Hope

Hope is what anchors the soul. We believe in doing all we can to resurrect hope for those who seem to have lost it. We believe in restoring dying art and culture and so we like to step up and weave the seeds of hope where it’s needed!

NAAD Foundation

NAAD Foundation- a non-profit organization that promotes Indian culture through classical music and other forms of dying art like Kathak. We helped organize SAMARPIT: a show dedicated to all the angels suffering from the Rett Syndrome in collaboration with Artemis Hospital Gurgaon and The Indian Rett Syndrome Foundation.

Hasya Kavi Sammelan

An initiative of the Gurgaon Millenium City Round Table India partnering with TWD; Hasya Kavi Sammelan is another effort to preserve the dying entertainment form of the once-beloved Hasya Kavis of India. The fundraiser helped raise funds for four new classrooms to be built in a school for the underprivileged and planting of eighteen new solar plants.