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Innovative Indian Wedding Invitation Cards to Give a Spirited start to Your Wedding

The importance of wedding invitations in India is undeniable as they are a prefatory to any wedding and effectuate the grandeur of the ceremony. An experienced wedding planner can be entrusted with the job to ensure beautiful results which will spark off imagination and brew anticipation amongst the wedding guests. With time wedding cards in India have become more creative and sumptuous resulting in enhanced levels of interest in the receivers.

We at Theme Weavers Designs have weaved some innovative wedding invitation cards designs for you to get your guests right in the mood!


This fun and innovative idea would easily make up for a classic vintage Indian wedding card. People won’t just do away with the wedding cards but pay attention to them as it unravels before them a story. This narrative wedding invite is sure to create quite a stir!



This game like invitation card is guaranteed to trigger enthusiasm. Joining the pieces of puzzle and discovering the details of the wedding playfully, makes this wedding invitation a striking one. By incorporating custom calligraphy and Indian motifs one can have a classy Indian wedding card.


An origami wedding invite is inspired by the playfulness of a child. Unravelling the details of the wedding in a game like form is sure to be exciting. This geometric card has a modern twist and its complete design looks unique and fun.


A flip book is the funkiest way to invite your guests as this tiny book tells your tale and elucidates upon your energetic style and personality. It can be adorned with Indian illustrations to give it the Indian feel.


This innovative card is solely the result of creative and artistic visions. A magical wedding invite, seemingly empty but illuminated with beautiful designs and details upon pulling the string is going to fill the guests with vigor and prepare them for the magical ceremony.


This box wedding card would be a flawless choice to meet your contemporary needs while still retaining the traditional essence. This Indian wedding card gives off traditional vibes and is embellished and crafted in such a way that upon taking off the lid, it reveals a beautiful textured card with the details of your wedding. This wedding invite is a great inkling of a grand Indian wedding.


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8 Comments on - Innovative Indian Wedding Invitation Cards to Give a Spirited start to Your Wedding

  • Nilesh Parekh August 10, 2017 Reply

    Amazing!! I just loved the concept of these innovative wedding cards! As time changes, we can see a slight change in Indian weddings too. So why not start with wedding invitations? The “magic wedding card” is the great one! Similarly, “save the date video” concept is also introduced in the market and is loved by the audience. I think we can go for this too. Thank you for posting this blog and sharing such a creative thought with us !

  • Jimit Cards October 24, 2017 Reply

    Every individual has a different choice. Cards you have listed in your blog are really innovative. Surely these are the new trends in Indian weddings.

  • Rahul Jindal November 8, 2017 Reply

    Thanks for sharing wonderful ideas for playful wedding cards.I like scroll wedding card box with an Indian twist the most.

  • Sagar December 20, 2017 Reply

    Good Collection., I Love ORIGAMI WEDDING CARDS which are rare to see. i have seen for the first time. Thank you. and some of the creative designs are looked here http://www.sgcreations.in/

  • Shalini Gupta February 9, 2018 Reply

    Thanks for this great post. I have been trying to become more creative and this post provides some great ideas to help me improve. Going to work that creative muscle right now. For more information please visit us at Wedding Vendors in India.

  • 3knotswedding June 20, 2018 Reply

    Great ideas of wedding card makings!
    Thanks for sharing the informative message

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