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The Elegant Shukachari Mehendi – A Kaleidoscope of Colors at this Luxury Mehndi Decor!

How we went about styling this luxury wedding (mehndi) event decor design!

This post is about a Mehendi Ceremony that we had the privilege of designing, at ITC Grand Bharat. We called it The Shukhachari Mehendi! Why? What does it mean? We’ll to tell you all that, and much more...

Here’s the story of how everything unfolded, starting from the client’s brief, to planning, to execution, and of course, to the final verdict!

How we went about styling this luxury wedding (mehndi) event decor design!

First, the client brief…

The client wanted this Mehendi venue to exuberate and celebrate colours and vibrancy. Ohh, a simple request, you might think. Not quite, if you ask us. Why, what was the challenge? We wanted to do this in a way that was never done before. We wanted this Mehendi theme to be something more than just colours, something that gave the ceremony and the venue a whole new meaning.
Conceptualization…this is where the magic happened!

We started thinking, and while scouting for ideas, we thought about nature. Was there a way we could combine nature and colours together? We toyed with some ideas till one of our team members suggested Parrots! Parrots are colourful, vibrant and cheerful, and it’s a delight to watch them. And they’ve not been the central theme in Indian weddings or mehndi ceremonies that we’d done before. This was an unexplored territory, the road less travelled and we decided to take it. But, why did we give it the name, Shukachari?

Shukachari, in Sanskrit, means Abode of Parrots. Our goal was to make the venue look like it was the abode, that is, a place where parrots loved to live and play, their residence.

How did we do that? Did we succeed? Read on…to find out.

The Planning and the Approach

After finalizing the theme, we got down to planning this mehendi ceremony, which was going to be the abode of parrots. Like we said, the event would be a kaleidoscope of colors. The plan was to turn the rustic venue into festive scenery using the bright hues and parrots, of course. We didn’t want the mehendi ceremony to leave the traditional touch and therefore, Genda flowers (Marigold) were used for the most part of the décor.

It was also during the planning phase that we came face to face with our biggest challenge—the venue. The venue was an open lawn but was not a typical square, rectangular or circular in shape. It was triangular. Being who we are, we wanted to turn this challenge into an opportunity. So, we decided to go for unique furniture to complement the quirkiness offered by the venue. You’ll love to see how that turned out…
And Action!

Enough with the talks! It’s now time to show you what all the brainstorming, creativity and planning transpired into.

Welcome to the Abode of Parrots…

The entry was decorated with Genda and lots of tiny parrots that worked as a perfect trailer to what was waiting inside. Are you a soon-to-be-bride? We bet you can imagine yourself walking through this grand entrance and cannot help but feel like a royal princess entering her royal garden, welcomed by the parrots!

Walls and the Backdrop—Flowers made from flowers

Keeping the traditional spirits of the Mehendi ceremony alive, we decorated the backdrops primarily with Genda. The yellow-orange shade of Genda was finely balanced with the reds and greens. See the orange large flowers set in green background and the three yellow ones accentuated by their dark red centres? That’s what we’re talking about!

We also used Genda malas as curtains which looked like veils of the venue. Also, the brightness and freshness of the flowers beautifully compensated for the rustic elegance of the venue.

Ceiling décor—Shower of colours

Whether it was the colourful flowing fabrics at the ceiling, or the flower malas hanging from above or the beautifully dangling tassels in shades of yellow and orange, everyone who looked at the top, was left enchanted by the splash of colors dancing above them!

Parrots, at home…

This was not only a Mehendi venue, this was Shukachari, the place where parrots lived. And it’s only natural for our clients and their guests to expect parrots at the venue. We created huge, larger-than-life installations of parrots at the backdrops, on the stage and throughout the venue, truly making this a dwelling of parrots.

Game of thrones…umm, furniture

Remember, we spoke about the unique furniture that we used to keep up with the uniqueness of this triangular venue? We built conical lounges, used chairs with tapered back rests and triangular tables which blended beautifully with the setting.

Also, to add more colours, we included sofas, couches and cushions with vibrant shades of yellow and red, lined across the seating area.

We topped it off by arranging beautiful cushions and flower mountings in the amphitheatre-like seating space, creating the perfect friendly ambience for the guests to have a fun, gala time at the ceremony.

Magic is in the details!

Yes, the theme was shining bright and loud during the whole event, but we never underestimate the impact that little things could have. These are the things that hold everything together. For this Mehendi, we decorated the table tops with thread ball outlined with Genda malas. The nimbu-mirch was designed in the shape of parrots. In addition, there were showpieces and stools, all dressed in colors and flowers!

The Final Verdict

So, you saw what we set out to do and what we could achieve. But, it all comes down to what our clients had to say once they saw our work. Here’s what they said: “We expected 100% from you, but we got 120%.”

And this is what makes every bit of effort we put into our work, worth it. This is what keeps us going, inspires us to push our limits, to stretch our imagination. See you at the next event with a brand new concept!

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